Public Viewing Is CANCELED Tonight (May 6) But Looks Promising For Tomorrow (May 7)

Last night’s opening was quite cold and started with poor visibility, but the night ended with several highlights, including clear views of a brilliant thin crescent Moon just after sunset, Saturn, M51, and Gemini-contained NGC members 2371-2 (a good example of how the new O III filter enhances overall detail in some objects) and 2392 (the Eskimo Nebula). Tonight is expected to be overcast in Tully but tomorrow night looks promising for clear (if not entirely transparent) skies. Stay tuned tomorrow afternoon for an official update. NGC 2371-2. See for more info.

Darling Hill Will Be OPEN Tonight, 8:00 p.m. (Thursday, May 5)

Greetings fellow astrophile! New Moon and Clear Skies. This rare combination is not to be ignored! The Clear Sky Clock indicates clear skies well past midnight and all forecasts say overcast skies and/or rain for the Friday Public Viewing Session, so several members will be opening the observatory and taking advantage tonight. Saturn will likely be the focus of several scopes tonight, but the last viewing session proved to be eventful for both shooting stars and galaxies. It will be quite cool tonight, so do bring another layer just in case. Darling Hill will be open by 8.

Orion 8×40 Achromatic Telescope Finder Scope For Sale In CNY

Update: The Finder Scope Has Been Sold Greetings fellow astrophile! In the interest of reaching the larger CNY astronomy community, the SAS is happy to post information for people in the CNY area about astronomical equipment for sale. The SAS takes no responsibility for any aspect of the sale itself, but simply provides an outlet to members and nonmembers alike. The following is available from SAS member John Giroux in CNY (445-0854 and More information about this finder scope can be found at I have a brand new Orion 8×40 finder scope that came with the ST80 I […]

Darling Hill Will OPEN Tonight For Public Viewing

CNY skies are predicted to be clear until (at least) midnight and the clear skies all day have hopefully dried the observatory grounds. The observatory is set to open around 7:30 p.m. tonight (30 April). It is predicted to get down to the low 40’s/high 30’s tonight, so do dress accordingly!