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New Treasurer

Ryan Goodson has stepped down from his duties as Treasurer and passed the torch (in the interim) to Dave Wormuth. Business for the Treasurer should be sent to:   Syracuse Astronomical Society 6781 Morehouse Flats Road Jamesville, NY 13078  

Triple Shadows on Jupiter Tonight 10/11/13!

Looking at Jupiter from about 12:30 to 1:00 AM tonight (Saturday morning the 12th) should show shadows of three moons crossing the surface. You will likely need a telescope at least 90 mm in diameter to see the moons.   Dave Wormuth

Darling Hill Observatory Will NOT Open Tonight (Friday, September 7) For Observing

Greetings fellow astrophiles, The consensus among our weather sources is that tonight will either be mostly cloudy with bad transparency or partly cloudy with bad transparency, in both cases featuring the potential for storms before sunset. Worse still, tomorrow night looks even worse. We hope for better conditions for next month, when Jupiter will return to our pre-midnight skies!