April 9 – Saturday Night Observing At Darling Hill, 8:00 p.m. – ???

Greetings fellow astrophiles! This past Thursday was a generally excellent (and definitely cold) first opening for the observatory, with both lunar viewing and a fair amount of Saturn observed. The brightening Moon will wash some of the fine detail from Messier objects, but it looks to be a clear night for observing well into the very early morning. We hope you can join us!

April 7 – Tonight Is The First Organized Observing Session Of 2011!

Greetings fellow astrophiles! Several members have decided to open Darling Hill tonight and do some early Spring viewing. The Moon is but a sliver (and excellent in binoculars), Saturn will be visible in our Eastern skies shortly after 9:00 p.m. AND, for the dedicated observers, the ISS flies over at 3:49 a.m. It will be COLD at the Hill, so dress for freezing conditions! We hope to see you!

April 1 – Darling Hill Observatory Will NOT Be Opening For Its Messier Marathon Tonight

The Messier Marathon scheduled for tonight (and possibly tomorrow) will not be happening at Darling Hill due to the overcast Nor’easter conditions, expectation of rain/snow through tonight and tomorrow, and the considerable amount of ice and snow still on the edges of the observatory grounds and our winding uphill driveway. Darling Hill grounds on Wednesday, 30 March 2011 The Clear Sky Clock shows clearing conditions for tomorrow night, although the Observatory grounds will likely still not be ready for hosting. We will update on the website tomorrow.

SAS Classifieds – 8″ Meade LX10 Telescope For Sale In Camillus, NY

Greetings fellow astrophile! In the interest of reaching the larger CNY astronomy community, the SAS is happy to post information for people in the CNY area about astronomical equipment for sale. The SAS takes no responsibility for any aspect of the sale itself, but simply provides an outlet to members and nonmembers alike. The following is available from Donald Page in Camillus (just North-East of Syracuse). I would like you to list if you would please my 8″ LX10 telescope in EXCELLENT condition. The only reason that I am selling it is because I have only used it about four […]