Public Observing Session 3/29/24 Cancelled

Tonight’s public session 3/29/24 is cancelled, and won’t be rescheduled due to clouds and poor weather expected tonight and tomorrow. Our next public session is the weekend of April 26th. We hope to see you then. Thank You.

SAS in the news about the eclipse

As we are just about two weeks away from the eclipse there have been several activities that the SAS has been involved in around the community. On March 19th Dr. Kamal Jabbour presented “Eclipses” at the Cazenovia library. They are also holding additional events leading up to the eclipse. Cazenovia Public Library looks forward to the April 2024 solar eclipse News Channel 9 has published an additional special title Totality:The Great American Eclipse. This includes an interview by Ray Dague beginning at the twenty and half minute mark. Totality:The Great American Eclipse      

SAS 2024 Solar Eclipse Interview by News Channel 9

Today Raymond Dague our Observatory Director was interviewed by News Channel 9 regarding the total solar eclipse happening one month from today. Being in the path of totality is “something you that you carry for the rest of your life” as Ray says in the interview. Here is a link to it below.  The path of totality will not pass over our observatory in Tully but for many of us living in the Syracuse Area it does. If you are just outside totality it is highly recommended that you make plans to be somewhere in the path on eclipse […]

A Better Blink Tool – ASIFitsView

As much I love PixInsight for almost anything in regards to processing, for anyone that has used the blink tool to look at sub frames has likely discovered that it leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t de-bayer images, and it’s a bit cumbersome to “delete” images. I often find myself clicking the incorrect button and closing the entire stack of images, and then when you do manage to remove an image it stays in the list which can easily lead to confusion as to whether the light was actually removed. Recently I have been testing out ASI Studio […]