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John Rush is relatively new to the hobby of Astronomy. He has always had an interest in space, and a passion for the night time sky, ever since he first looked at the rings of Saturn, through his telescope, in the backyard at his parents house. Eventually he was able to visit a sky dark enough to see the Milky Way and the rest is history. During the day he works as Technical Manager at a laboratory in Liverpool, NY. However at night if it’s clear you can very often find him at DHO pointing his telescope to the sky.

A Better Blink Tool – ASIFitsView

As much I love PixInsight for almost anything in regards to processing, for anyone that has used the blink tool to look at sub frames has likely discovered that it leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t de-bayer images, and it’s a bit cumbersome to “delete” images. I often find myself clicking the incorrect button and closing the entire stack of images, and then when you do manage to remove an image it stays in the list which can easily lead to confusion as to whether the light was actually removed. Recently I have been testing out ASI Studio […]

Members/Public Session Postponed to 11/11/23

SAS Members, Tonight’s public/member session is postponed until 11/11/23 due to weather. Tomorrow night we expect clear skies, so please join us at the Darling Hill Observatory for our final public session of the year. Temperatures are expected to be at or below freezing so please dress warmly. The chart room will be open with the heat on. Thank You.

Tony's EAA Presentation

The Syracuse Astronomical Society at Cedar Bay Park

On Friday October 13th the Syracuse Astronomical Society was hosted by the Town of Dewitt for an observing session with about 75 members of the public. The weather report showed that we might get a couple of hours of observing time and that held out as true. embers Jeff H., and Tony K. had EAA scopes setup in the park for an EAA presentation while members Alex J., Mike F., Mike Z., and John R had scopes setup for visual work. We could hear the ooh’s and ahh’s when people saw the rings of Saturn for the first time or […]

October’s Public Night at the DHO

On Saturday October 7th, we entertained 6 members of the public at the Darling Hill Observatory. It was first truly fall night after several 80 degree days in a row just a couple of days earlier. The weather was rainy and miserable all day but right almost as if it was on cue the skies cleared up just after sunset. John R. slewed the Cave to almost a dozen targets entertaining the crowd on the observing deck. Targets included Saturn, Jupiter, the Veil Nebula, and the Pleiades. Jeff H. and Tony K. were down in warm chartroom entertaining guests as […]