Join The Syracuse Astronomical Society!

The Syracuse Astronomical Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about astronomy, preserving a national heritage – the night sky, and exploring the splendors of our universe. We invite you to join us. We have Free Public Observing Nights at our Darling Hill Observatory in Vesper, NY. Public observing is held once a month from April through October, around the new moon. Other viewing sessions occur throughout the year when the night sky is clear and available SAS members go to the observatory.

1. Dark Skies – The Darling Hill Observatory is located almost exactly between Cortland and Syracuse, making it the darkest location between these two large cities for nighttime observing.

2. Observatory Scopes – Darling Hill Observatory is not only a place to use your own scope, but is also an excellent place to see other scopes in action and learn the benefits and limitations of each kind. Many members do not even own telescopes(!), instead relying on the quality optics at the observatory for viewing.

3. Observatory Grounds Access – SAS members are welcome to use the Darling Hill Observatory grounds whenever the weather and driveway accessibility permit. While the observatory building is only accessible when an elected member is present (which is often when weather permits), outside outlets are available for go-to scopes.

4. SAS Is A Member-Supported Organization – Your membership dues help to cover every aspect of running the observatory, from scope maintenance and mirror re-coating to grounds maintenance and major infrastructure investments that will keep our society thriving into the future.

We have two ways to join. You can pay and register on-line using Paypal. Alternatively, you also download our membership brochure, fill in your information, and mail your membership to our treasurer. Simply click below to download the PDF and the form.

After you have completed joining using either method, you will then receive our welcome email, registration on our email list, and the code providing you access to observatory grounds.

If you have any questions, please use the form below to contact us.