Orion 8×40 Achromatic Telescope Finder Scope For Sale In CNY

Update: The Finder Scope Has Been Sold

Greetings fellow astrophile!

In the interest of reaching the larger CNY astronomy community, the SAS is happy to post information for people in the CNY area about astronomical equipment for sale. The SAS takes no responsibility for any aspect of the sale itself, but simply provides an outlet to members and nonmembers alike.

The following is available from SAS member John Giroux in CNY (445-0854 and [email protected]).

More information about this finder scope can be found at www.telescope.com.

I have a brand new Orion 8×40 finder scope that came with the ST80 I bought for use as a guide scope. The only difference (from the image below) is that the one I have is white with a black dew shield. Orion sells it for $51.95, I want $30, so it’s a good deal for someone.

orion finder scope