Darling Hill Will Be OPEN For Public Viewing Tonight, 8:00 p.m. (Saturday, May 7)

Greetings fellow astrophiles!

While downtown Syracuse and surroundings are currently quite cloudy (but pleasant nonetheless), the evening skies are supposed to see considerable clearing, producing clear skies before 10:00 p.m. Use your best judgement as to when to to trek up to Darling Hill, but the grounds will be open by 8:00 p.m. for setup, enjoying the sunset, and observing the crescent Moon.

NOTE: Thursday night was VERY COLD at the Hill. If you plan on spending any amount of time looking through the different scopes, hat + gloves will make your session much more enjoyable.

There are no ISS fly-bys predicted for tonight (Mike + Larry can leave their smartphones holstered!), but the three visible Iridium Flares for tonight are listed below (courtesy of heavens-above.com).

Date Local
Alt. Azimuth Distance to
flare centre
Intensity at
flare centre
07 May 23:03:14 -1 14° 262° (W ) 143.2 km (E) -6 Iridium 6
07 May 23:12:17 -6 11° 263° (W ) 12.6 km (W) -6 Iridium 7
08 May 03:31:26 -5 42° 276° (W ) 13.2 km (E) -8 Iridium 68