Vintage Celestron C16 and C12 For Sale In CNY

Greetings fellow astrophile!

In the interest of reaching the larger CNY astronomy community, the SAS is happy to post information for people in the CNY area about astronomical equipment for sale. The SAS takes no responsibility for any aspect of the sale itself, but simply provides an outlet to members and nonmembers alike.

The following is available from Robert Piekiel in CNY. Yes, THAT Robert Piekiel, reachable at [email protected]. For those of you lucky enough to have seen one of Bob’s lectures, been to one of his observing sessions at Baltimore Woods, or have a digital copy of his Celestron: The Early Years, you already know these are top-condition and maintained scopes and that Bob’s offer to instruct on setup and usage will be as complete as anyone would need.

Info from Bob:

Hi All, I am scaling down my astronomy operations somewhat and have decided to sell my Vintage Celestron C16 (image above) and / or the C12 (image below). Both are in as good a condition as you will ever find one of these 40-year-old scopes in and I have restrored them to as original as you will get. These scopes are heavy (around 800 lbs. each) so a buyer must come to my home (I’m 13 miles SW of Syracuse, NY, with easy access to I-81 and I-90) to pick them up, where I will personally assist with disassembly and instructions for use. If you choose, you could hire a mover to come and get one of the scopes, but I would strongly recommend that you the buyer come and get them whereupon I can give you one-on-one instruction as to their use and construction.

They can fit in the back of a minivan or Taurus-sized stationwagon. The prices: C16 – $9900, and the C12 – $7500, both a bit less than what I paid for them. Prospective buyers should study my ebook “Celestron The Early Years” as many photos of each of them are in there as well as answers to 95% of the questions you may have. The pictures I have posted are from my ebook – it contains many more of these scopes both inside and out.