Darling Hill Observatory – 11/16/12 – Tonight! The Leonids!

Greetings fellow Astrophiles!

We apologize for the technical difficulties on this website. We are in the state of flux with regard to website servicing and timely updates. Things will improve and we ask for your patience.

Because of the fabulous stretch of weather we are now experiencing, the lack of good observation weather for the past couple of months, just coming off a new Moon and the Leonids arriving late tonight/early tomorrow morning, we are anxiously awaiting this evening’s opening of the observatory for your viewing pleasure. The Moon is going to be a sliver of a waxing crescent just after sunset and won’t be an issue. However, due to the fact that meteor showers tend to increase as the evening progresses, we are planning on opening up around 8pm. Please dress for COLD WEATHER!

Dan Williams