May Public Observing is On!

Is there a Board meeting tonight? Yes! At DHO! At 7:00 PM! Be there!

Is there Public Observing tonight? Yes! At DHO! 8:00 PM to 11:45 PM!

Will we actually be looking at stuff through telescopes? It looks kind of cloudy in (fill in the blank East Coast town). Maybe! If stuff outside our atmosphere is visible and it’s not raining we’ll try to look at it!

What will we do if we don’t look through telescopes? Members of SAS will be on hand to give tours of our newly upgraded 16″ f/6 Cave telescope and observatory, and answer any questions we know the answers to including: how to make your telescope or binoculars work, how to get started in Astronomy, when are the best times to look for stars, nebula, and galaxies, how to find objects, how to predict sky visibility up to 10 days out, and how to become a member.

For members who are interested, we will also spend some time preparing the observatory for when skies are clear – hopefully soon!