November Member Meeting!

This month we have elections and a Show and Tell session!   Meet us at 343 Ferrante Hall, Onondaga Community College, See below for more details on the Show and Tell.  See you there!

Any member is invited to participate in the first-in-a-very-long-time indoor event.  A “Show and Tell” segment has been added to our meeting agenda at OCC this coming Friday night.

Here are the details:

  • To participate, register your topic with Jeff sometime this week, or anytime before the meeting starts on Friday night.  To Register, please shoot Jeff an email.  Include the title of your presentation and a one-sentence description of what you’ll be talking about, so we can introduce you properly.   [email protected]
  • On Friday, during the “Show and Tell” segment of the meeting, we’ll announce your topic and ask if you would like to present it.  Simply come up to the front of the room and the floor is yours for 2-15 minutes to speak about something that is meaningful, informative, works great, or solves a common problem for amateur astronomers.  The time is not intended to be a sales pitch for any item, but mentioning brands and models is permitted.  Since few topics in astronomy can be presented in a short period of time, this event is intended to spark curiosity to hear a more in-depth presentation on popular topics.  There is no expectation of any presenter to present again at further at future meetings.
  • Examples of topics and items include, but not limited to:
    • Tip or Technique
    • Phone/PC App
    • Website review
    • Online Education or Forum experience
    • Document synopsis or critique
    • Book or Lecture review
    • Trips to other observatories
    • A short demonstration of some fancy, schmancy gizmo
  • If prior setup (for projection needs, Internet access, table space, etc.) is needed, contact Jeff or Sean to gain access to the meeting room in 343 Ferrante Hall on the OCC campus, before the meeting starts.
  • The pace of this segment will be fast, but if time doesn’t permit everyone to present, we’ll include them in a future meeting.  We hope this becomes a regular part of our meetings.

See you on Friday.

Jeff Higgins, Secretary

(and Newbie)