2023 Renewal Letter

Greetings SAS Members,

This is Anthony Krishock, President of the Syracuse Astronomical Society. I write to you today to ask you to renew your membership in the Syracuse Astronomical Society for the 2023 observing season if you have not already done so.

As you know, our group is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. As such, we rely heavily on membership fees. Your membership fees help us maintain electric and internet service at Darling Hill that members like you have come to rely on, along with our annual insurance & tax bills. Of course, your membership fees are also critical for the occasional unexpected expense such as the recently repaired tracking motor on our 16″ Cave reflector.

Your membership fees are also helping us expand and improve the programs that we can offer the public. In 2022, we started offering to hold star parties with some local town recreation departments. We held well-attended events with the towns of DeWitt and Lysander. This year, not only have we re-scheduled with DeWitt and Lysander, but also with the towns of Clay Skaneateles. We attended the Maker Faire at OCC in 2022 and will again this year. We’ve also established a Partnership with Lemoyne College… an arrangement that will allow for student research projects at Darling Hill among other things.

To continue growing at this rapid pace, your membership fees and your engagement are crucial. We look forward to a lively and exciting 2023 observing season. With your support, it will be the best yet!

See you on the Hill!
Anthony Krishock
President, Syracuse Astronomical Society