Friday Night’s Star-Party in Skaneateles

Under cloudless skies, several members donated their Friday night to helping with the Special (paid) Event in Austin Park last night.  Mike Z., Bob O., Tony K., Adam D., Shane J., Mike B., and Paul W. joined me in promoting astronomy to about 50 residents and friends of Skaneateles.  
Tony and I did our EAA shows to large audiences near the pavilion while the others set up their visual scopes on a small hill nearby.  Shane manned the welcome table and disseminated lots of information about our club to everyone.  The Bortle 5 sky was not much brighter than DHO and the nearly 360-degree views made for an enjoyable evening of observation, albeit the clear dry skies cooled quickly into the 40s and chased the guests away by 11 PM.  
Thanks to all who helped with this well-received show.  I hope to have the same level of participation at all of our paid events this year.
Clear Skies
Jeff Higgins, Secretary SAS
Skaneatelas star party. Picture of the field with participants.