Good event in Skaneateles despite clouds

Several SAS members joined me to volunteer with their scopes at Austin Park last night.  The sticky, humid air hung like steamy bows of Cypress trees hanging over a dusty dirt road in southern Alabama. 
The view of the bottom of the Skaneateles nebula was uniform and monotonous and only allowed fleeting, obscured views of the moon and (probably) Vega.  
A few families and individuals arrived and stayed for our ‘Plan B’ shows, as each of us did some tap-dancing on the soft, rain-soaked ground.  By 10:15, the “crowd” had swatted enough mosquitoes and their kids were rubbing their tired eyes, so they all ambled back home, leaving us to our devices.
We packed up our cars and most of us were home in time for the 11 o’clock news.
Thanks to Tony K., John R., Mike Z., and Alex for their time and effort to promote astronomy on behalf of our club.