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April 1 – Darling Hill Observatory Will NOT Be Opening For Its Messier Marathon Tonight

The Messier Marathon scheduled for tonight (and possibly tomorrow) will not be happening at Darling Hill due to the overcast Nor’easter conditions, expectation of rain/snow through tonight and tomorrow, and the considerable amount of ice and snow still on the edges of the observatory grounds and our winding uphill driveway. Darling Hill grounds on Wednesday, 30 March 2011 The Clear Sky Clock shows clearing conditions for tomorrow night, although the Observatory grounds will likely still not be ready for hosting. We will update on the website tomorrow.

SAS Astronomical Chronicle For March 2011

The latest edition of the Astronomical Chronicle is available for download at the link below. Included in this issue is the announcement of our first official viewing session (a Messier Marathon on April 1/2 2011) and an upcoming talk at the Liverpool Public Library on March 17th. Stay tuned to the website for additional announcements about both! Astronomical Chronicle (PDF) for March, 2011

The Passing Of Dr. Stuart Forster

It is with the utmost shock and sadness that we’ve learned of the sudden passing of Dr. Stu Forster. Stu was a long-time member, former president, current secretary, contributing author, scope builder, astrophotographer extraordinaire, host to several of the Messier Marathons that marked the beginning of the SAS observing year, multi-lecturer at past meetings and Summer Seminars, and a true amateur astronomer’s astronomer whose knowledge of observing and equipment was as expansive as the summertime Milky Way. All this while keeping up a steady practice and, most importantly, being a loving husband and father. Stu Forster (left) at the 2010 […]