Member Meeting

01/21/2021 @ 19:00 – 20:00
The meeting will be over Zoom. Check your email for the invitation.
This month, one of our members, Tyler Beagle will be speaking on Photometry at our General Membership meeting at 7PM.  Please join us.  
Photometry is the study of the flux or intensity of light from an astronomical body. It is used widely in astronomy to find magnitudes of stars and other celestial bodies. This branch of astronomy allows for scientists to find important information about an object such as its age and distance all through the light that is given off. Tyler Beagle will be presenting on his work from a college-level course, which provided him with an intensive experience in photometric analysis. The project consisted of photometric analysis on Hubble Space Telescope images of Messier 10. 
Tyler has been a member of SAS for less than 5 years, but has learned much about observational astronomy, as well as run many local lectures at libraries to spread the word of astronomy and promote SAS as an outreach facilitator. He is currently a senior at SUNY Geneseo, studying physics, with an interest in astrophysics and set to graduate with his bachelor’s degree in Spring 2021. 
As always, Board of Directors meetings are open to all members and are held one hour earlier, beginning at 6PM this Thursday.  The Zoom information for this week’s Board meetings is the same as the General Membership meeting.