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Darling Hill Observatory Will NOT OPEN Tonight (Friday, 23 March) For The Messier Marathon

Greetings fellow astrophiles, An excellent week of CNY weather has taken a significant turn for the overcast tonight and, very likely, tomorrow night. Our Messier Marathon is, therefore, cancelled for tonight, but a similar run can be performed for the vast majority of the Messier objects during our next few meetings. Check in tomorrow around 5:00 p.m. for the official word on Saturday. In the meantime, consider doing a little observing in the hi-res version of the ESO image below (click for the large version), a sliver of the sky with 200,000 galaxies (more information can be found at the […]

SAS Astronomical Chronicle For Jan/Feb/March 2012 And Messier Marathon, March 23/24

Greetings fellow astrophile! The winter hibernation (be it as it was in CNY) is over for the SAS as we post our first newsletter for 2012 and announce the first session of the year this coming March 23/24 in the form of a Messier Marathon. Details are in the newsletter. We hope you can join us! Meantime, continue to enjoy Venus (brighter) and Jupiter (dimmer) on our Western sky this week! Astronomical Chronicle For Jan/Feb/March 2012

April 1 – Darling Hill Observatory Will NOT Be Opening For Its Messier Marathon Tonight

The Messier Marathon scheduled for tonight (and possibly tomorrow) will not be happening at Darling Hill due to the overcast Nor’easter conditions, expectation of rain/snow through tonight and tomorrow, and the considerable amount of ice and snow still on the edges of the observatory grounds and our winding uphill driveway. Darling Hill grounds on Wednesday, 30 March 2011 The Clear Sky Clock shows clearing conditions for tomorrow night, although the Observatory grounds will likely still not be ready for hosting. We will update on the website tomorrow.