10/8 Observing session is on!

SAS Members, Our observing session scheduled for tonight, 10/8, is on! We’ll have to contend with some cloud cover early, but it should clear out from about 9:00 on. It’ll be chilly in the mid-60’s and very humid tonight, so if you’re coming, come prepared. See you on the hill!

10/1/2021 Public Night Observation Report

Last night was one of the bestest nights ever on the DHO dark site in Vesper. It was basically clear and windless all night, albeit a chilly and damp 43 degrees. The Milky Way was clearly streaking from East the West (or West to East, dunno which) across the sky. Some clouds rolled in around 2:30 AM when the slim crescent moon rose in the East…where it usually rises (:-) We entertained about a dozen of the public, who spent quite a bit of time visiting each of 7 member telescopes…two of which were located indoors, remotely using EAA. Tony […]

10/1 Observing session is on!

SAS Members, Our scheduled observing session for tonight, 10/1 is on! Join us at Darling Hill Observatory in Tully (Exit 14 off Route 81). We should be on the field around 7:00 tonight. It will likely get down to the low 50’s or lower, and there’s likely to be some humidity adding to the chill in the air, so please dress appropriately. See you there!