Observing session 7/29

*** SAS Members *** We’re open for business tonight, 7/29 for our July Member’s observing session. Just to clarify.. you DO NOT NEED to be a member of our group to come out and enjoy the night sky with us. We just call it a member’s session to distinguish it from our public session which we had on the 22nd. See you there! I’m not going to comment on the weather for tonight’s session because the last time I did that we had a wicked thunderstorm roll through. Just gonna keep my big mouth SHUT.

July 26th, 2022: Excellent night at DHO

Last night, July 26th, was one of the best transparency nights of the year.  Chris, Evan, Rob, Mike F. and I trekked down to DHO for the evening.  If I remember correctly, Mike resumed yesterday’s mission to observe the Milky Way, Rob observed Messier objects in the SE sky with his Dob.  Evan and Chris imaged the Western Veil, while I slewed around looking for juicy Messier targets.  The Milky Way’s dust lanes, Galaxies and nebulae observations and images were much crisper than usual.  The Andromeda galaxy and the Comet C/2017 K2 were especially nice tonight.  (See below).  The cooler […]

NGC7293, August 5th-9th, 2021, 41 frames at 300 seconds each,180 gain

Public viewing observation report

On Friday, July 22, 2022, as the sun began to set, the threat and presence of strong winds and heavy rain hampered everyone’s setup efforts a few times, and the board meeting occupied an hour’s chunk of time, too.  Gremlins plagued my telescope’s alignment for nearly an hour while spectators, more than 30, visited the 7 telescopes and binoculars stationed on the hill.  Some sat patiently on the lawn while I frantically sought to get my EAA rig performing properly. Ray and Tony hosted a visual observing ‘song and dance’ on the Cave platform to distract from my woes, showing […]