SAS General Meeting

** SAS Members ** Our rescheduled monthly meeting will be held on Monday, 12/27 at 7:00 PM. We will have a talk given by SAS board member and experienced astrophotographer Bob Ostrander on techniques in astrophotography. Our meeting will be virtual only over ZOOM. The meeting link is: Meeting ID: 869 9041 3832 Passcode: 7032

** SAS Members ** Take a break from your holiday shopping and join us Monday, December 20th at 7 PM in Room 117 of the Academic II building at Onondaga Community College for a talk given by Bob Ostrander, SAS board member and one of our most experienced astrophotographers. Bob’s talk, “An astrophotography Primer” will be a short overview of astrophotography is followed by a beginner’s workflow of the basics of post-processing plus two intermediate level techniques that are very common. For those unfamiliar with Bob’s impressive work, he has a partial gallery on our website as well as his […]

Picture of galaxies with image aberations like amplifier glow and hot pixels highlighted.

Ideal resolution for astrophotography and EAA

For astrophotography of deep space objects like galaxies and nebulae, I would say little is to be gained from better than 2 arc-sec per pixel. Even at 2 arc seconds other factors play a significant role in useful resolution. How stable are your skies? What size aperture is your scope. How good is your mount over the integration period? How good is your alignment? 2 arc seconds is a rule of thumb. It is doubtful that around Syracuse that the sky is better than 2 arc-sec and you can’t correct for it – without adaptive optics. A 4″ aperture scope […]