March 10th General Meeting

SAS Members, Please join us for our March general meeting starting at 7 PM on Friday, march 10th at Lemoyne college’s Science Center Addition (SCA) room 214. This month, we will have a presentation given by SAS member Dr. Kamal Jabbour (George Patton on Facebook) about his observatory, the Rooster Inn Observatory. Kamal plans to describe his set-up of five telescopes, ranging from a 50mm Lunt solar Ha scope and Vaonis Stellina, to a Celestron 11-inch SCT, discuss the two-dozen pieces of software that he uses on a daily basis to operate his equipment and post-process images, and demonstrate his […]

Arp319 at 9 hours 56 minutes

The 9 hour rule in Astrophotography

I am testing to see if what is said about 9 hours being minimal time for a truly deep sky image. Collecting 9 hours in Syracuse is at least a 3 night proposition but I was able to keep just for minutes shy of 10 hours for this image. There is a definite improvement over the 6.5 hour image in brightness of the galaxies and smoothness in the background. Here is the final image and links to the previous images. The differences are subtle. At a quick glance, I don’t really see much difference in the three pictures. But when […]

Member’s session 10/21 is ON!

SAS Members, Come and join us at Darling Hill for our final scheduled Member’s observing session of the 2022 observing season. It looks like the weather will be excellent tonight. Clear, moonless skies, low humidity and mild temperatures. It will be chilly tonight so come prepared. See you there!

10/14 Public session is ON!

SAS Members, We’re on for tonight! Our final regularly-scheduled public observing session is on for tonight, 10/14 at Darling Hill Observatory in Tully, NY. Sunset will be at about 6:30 and the waning gibbous moon will be up around 10:00. We’ll have Jupiter and Saturn well positioned in the southeast and Mars a bit later. The temperatures have been cool at night and getting cooler, so dress warmly. Hat & gloves highly recommended. Come down and join us!