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Telescope Clinic 9/28/2021

All, I will be hosting a “Telescope clinic” this coming Tuesday, 9/28, from 7-8:30PM at Onondaga Free Library. I’ll be giving a short talk on the various kinds of telescopes available to the amateur astronomer along with providing some training on how best to use any telescopes that you bring in. I’ll have tools and cleaning equipment on hand so we’ll hopefully be able to tune up your telescope so you can get the most out of it! Registration is required. Please visit the link below for more information and to register for the event:

9/24 Observing session is on!

*** SAS Members*** Our observing session scheduled for Friday, 9/24 is on! Join us at Darling Hill Observatory in Tully (Exit 14 off of I-81 South). We should have about an hour and a half of dark skies after sunset before the waning gibbous moon rises. It will be chilly tonight, so please dress accordingly. Masks are required.

Anthony Krishock's view of The Dumbell Nebula, M27, using a MallinCam DS2.3, stack of 10 5-second exposures.

Adventures in EAA – Why do EAA?

Traditional visual astronomy is an undoubtedly joyous thing. It’s those first looks at the cloud belts of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn and the stunning cores of globular clusters that hooked us on this hobby to begin with. If you have enough aperture (your telescope is big enough), you can even catch some “faint fuzzies” … galaxies. Unfortunately for us (and the interested public), those “fuzzies” are exactly that… featureless grey smudges that don’t resemble anything let alone galaxies. But alas, aperture is expensive, time consuming, difficult to set up and difficult to maintain and, before you realize it, your […]

9/10 Moon & Planets event is on!

*** SAS Members ***   Our moon & planets event scheduled for tonight (Friday, 9/10) is on! Come and join us at Darling Hill Observatory off of Route 81 south (Exit 14). All are welcome! It will get into the mid 50’s tonight, so please dress appropriately. Masks will be required.