Lecture by Professor Fred Jaquin

Please join us Thursday, March 18th at 7 PM for a virtual lecture presented by Fred Jaquin, Professor Emeritus of Astronomy and Physics at Onondaga Community College.   Measuring the Distance to nearby spiral galaxy NGC 2442 using the method of “standard candles” and supernova SN2015F.   This presentation will illustrate the potential for analyzing time lapse videos of supernova.  On 09 Feb 2016 the astronomy Picture of the Day presented a time lapse video of supernova SN2015F. Link to APOD: 2016 February 9 – The Rise and Fall of Supernova 2015F to see that video.  The light curve of […]

Clean ’em up!

Well, it’s early March. The longest month of the winter. By my count, we’ve had about five clear nights. It seems that every time I look up, I see thick grey skies looking back at me. As the cloudy winter days drag on and on, I’m reminded of a joke told by our observatory director Raymond Dague, who cheerfully reminds us that the “Syracuse nebula” is always visible! So, what is an astronomer to do during these long winter nights with few if any observing opportunities? Plenty. For starters, if you own a telescope, this is the ideal time to […]

Orion Constellation


Orion makes his way across the Night Sky during the coldest and least hospitable (to most night time observers) months of the year. The mid-spring observing session will be the last “official” opportunity to observe Orion before he disappears behind the Western horizon until the most nocturnal of us can next see him in our Eastern sky before sunrise in late August. Betelgeuse (pronounced “Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Betelgeuse!” – marking his right shoulder; a red super giant of very orange-ish color even without binoculars) Bellatrix – the left shoulder (so you now know the Constellation is facing us as originally defined) […]

Constellation map of Come Bernices

Coma Bernices

I continue to groom the Eastern sky in this month’s Constellation presentation by spending some time conditioning you to appreciate the subtle shapeliness and glowing highlights just a short clip from last month’s subject, Canes Venatici (I will endeavor to refrain from additional dry hair humor in the rest of the article). Coma Berenices, or “Berenice’s Hair,” is an unusual constellation in many respects. It is one of the few constellations that owes its name (and history) to an actual person, is one of the constellations that was promoted from a lowly asterism, it marks the location of the North […]