Off and running!

Well, I think our first session of 2021 was a success!
We had a pretty good turnout for a cold March night. Eight people attended. Skies were crystal clear until about 9:30 when clouds rolled is from the Northwest. It was in the low 30’s, but no wind so it wasn’t too bad. We had heat in the map room and plenty of coffee and hot chocolate to keep us warm.
We got excellent views of objects in the Southwest. some of our targets included M42 & M43, the Pleiades, the double cluster in Perseus and the Crab nebula. We also picked up M81 and M82 and M65 and M66 in Leo before the clouds rolled in.
Our next event is Professor Jaquin’s virtual talk this coming Thursday, March 18th followed by our first “Moon, Mars & More” event the following weekend, March 19th/20th. Stay tuned!
We’re off to a great start!