The Syracuse Astronomical Society at Cedar Bay Park

On Friday October 13th the Syracuse Astronomical Society was hosted by the Town of Dewitt for an observing session with about 75 members of the public. The weather report showed that we might get a couple of hours of observing time and that held out as true. embers Jeff H., and Tony K. had EAA scopes setup in the park for an EAA presentation while members Alex J., Mike F., Mike Z., and John R had scopes setup for visual work. We could hear the ooh’s and ahh’s when people saw the rings of Saturn for the first time or looked and saw the Ring Nebula. The dew was heavy and high clouds started to move in around 8:30PM but we could still see bright objects visually, and the EAA scopes could still see stack through the clouds. The event ended at 9:00PM as the clouds were getting heavier so we packed up and went home. All in all the event was a successful outing for the club.

Tony's EAA Presentation