Tonights Member Session 7-6-24

SAS Members,

The weather conditions and predictions are still un-setttled for tonight, however it does look like we might get a few hours of clear skies around 11:00PM based on the latest predictions. As such please join us for tonights member session but don’t have your hopes too high.

Also please be read carefully the following message from Jeff as we recently had some trees taken down on the lawn.

As Members and your Guests reach the top of the driveway, they should drive to the LEFT (south) side of the circular hedge row and head toward the lower (domed) observatory to park as they please.  

If you mistakenly bear to the right, (towards the privy), you’ll need to negotiate deep ruts, leaves, poison ivy, broken branches, and the newly exposed tree trunks, which are leftover from the recent removal of 2 dead ash trees.  This dangerous, unlit detritus is strewn across the lower northeast corner of the lawn and will be even more difficult to see in the dark when leaving DHO. 

If anyone wants to help clean up the lawn, come up a few minutes early, wear a long-sleave shirt and bring gloves (for poison ivy protection) and wear boots (to tamp down ruts.  I’ll have rakes and shovels to remove sticks/leaves and smooth out ruts.  It should take less than 30 minutes to make it driveable again.

If anyone can lend us some highly reflective or fluorescent traffic cones for a few weeks, that would be very helpful, too.  

Thank You,

John and Jeff