John Rush

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John Rush is relatively new to the hobby of Astronomy. He has always had an interest in space, and a passion for the night time sky, ever since he first looked at the rings of Saturn, through his telescope, in the backyard at his parents house. Eventually he was able to visit a sky dark enough to see the Milky Way and the rest is history. During the day he works as Technical Manager at a laboratory in Liverpool, NY. However at night if it’s clear you can very often find him at DHO pointing his telescope to the sky.

Public Session 10/6 Postponed

Tonights Public Session is postponed to Saturday Oct 7th, due to expected clouds and rain. The forecast has improved slightly for Saturday night but still maybe clouded out so an official announcement will be made tomorrow if the session will be held.

STEVE Over Lake Ontario

On 9/18/23 I drove up to Fair Haven State Park near Oswego in order to attempt to see the Aurora activity that night. As the skies looked to be clear I took a chance on the drive, unfortunately when I arrived there were a few too many clouds forming off the lake to really see the Aurora clearly. Still I got the DSLR out to take a time lapse. After a few minutes I noticed a strange phenomenon off to the west that went high over the lake and was not something I had seen before.  It was not clouds […]


Don’t Miss Orion – First Light From The Black Forrest Star Party

This weekend I attended the Black Forrest Star Party at Cherry Springs in Pennsylvania. There were over 400 people in attendance. Visitors ranged from fairly new to the hobby, to people with many years of experience and included visual and AP. We had nearly clear skies for both nights of the Star Party. Friday was perfect with not a cloud all night, Saturday wasn’t bad either with only a few high occasional clouds, and the skies stayed clear until about 5:00AM. I was able to look at many targets visually through other people’s Dobsonians, and see details I had never […]