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November Events

Two events in November: November 10th, 7 PM Monthly Meeting at 343 Ferrante Hall OCC Topic: How to Buy and Maintain a Telescope by Dave Wormuth November 11th: Scope Clinic at the new Community Library of Dewitt and Jamesville. Co-hosted with CNYO. Bring your problem scope and we’ll help troubleshoot it.

POV Special – The City Dark – PBS Premiere July 5th (Online July 6 – August 5)

Greetings fellow astrophiles, Prof. John McMahon sent along the following announcement well before an actual commercial made its way to my airwaves: Ian Cheney’s highly-acclaimed documentary “The City Dark” about the loss of the night sky will air on PBS’s program “POV” (Point of View) this July 5. Please disseminate this info to those you know, both astro-types and others … since public awareness of light pollution’s numerous adverse effects is the first step to reducing it. The special airs on WCNY-TV at 10 p.m. on July 5th, 2 a.m. on WCNY-2, and at the POV website through August 5th. […]

Astrophotography Highlights From The London Chess Classic, 7 December 2011

Greetings fellow astrophiles, Passing along an interesting link (and note) sent by Steve Capp, SAS Member and reigning king of the Darling Hill Big Dobsonian owners (and the last amateur astronomer you want to play chess against on an overcast night). Embedded here are a few images from the great read at Dr. Christian Sasse, Vishy Anand, John Nunn at the astronomy session. Being a chess player, I have been following a world class chess tournament in London this week. One Grandmaster from London (Dr John Nunn) along with the world champion (Viswanathan Anand) are really interested in astronomy. […]