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Member’s session 10/21 is ON!

SAS Members, Come and join us at Darling Hill for our final scheduled Member’s observing session of the 2022 observing season. It looks like the weather will be excellent tonight. Clear, moonless skies, low humidity and mild temperatures. It will be chilly tonight so come prepared. See you there!

Session tonight 7/9/22

*** SAS Members *** We will be holding an impromptu observing session tonight, 7/9 at Darling Hill Observatory in Tully. Yes, Yes.. I know.. there’s a huge moon in our faces.. but we can’t pass up clear skies and mild temperatures, so we’re gonna do it anyway. Bring a comfortable lawn chair, some bug spray and a light jacket and join us Lunatics on the hill!

4/29/2022 Members observing session report

Twelve members took time out of their busy schedules to schlep their gear to DHO for a wonderful night on the hill.  The temps outside hovered around freezing once the sun set, but the chartroom was heated and lots of home sapiens added to the warmth…both physically and mentally…and with Mike Z’s thoughtfulness, we had a plethora of Vitamin O modalities to explore…bakery-style, gluten free, and classic Oreo’s to keep us going throughout the night.   A few of the observers were die-hard astrophotographers, but there were quite a variety of  stargeeks on the lawn.  Mike F brought his lawn chair […]