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Members/Public Session Postponed to 11/11/23

SAS Members, Tonight’s public/member session is postponed until 11/11/23 due to weather. Tomorrow night we expect clear skies, so please join us at the Darling Hill Observatory for our final public session of the year. Temperatures are expected to be at or below freezing so please dress warmly. The chart room will be open with the heat on. Thank You.

8/11 Public Session is ON!

*** SAS Members *** Come and join us at Darling Hill Observatory in Tully for our public session tonight, 8/11! We’ll have clear, moonless skies and pleasant temperatures tonight. We’ll have plenty of telescopes on the field for you to look through or bring your own. Bring a comfortable lawn chair and a light jacket and maybe a pair of binoculars and watch some of the Perseid meteor shower. See you on the Hill! Anthony Krishock President, SAS