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SAS in the news about the eclipse

As we are just about two weeks away from the eclipse there have been several activities that the SAS has been involved in around the community. On March 19th Dr. Kamal Jabbour presented “Eclipses” at the Cazenovia library. They are also holding additional events leading up to the eclipse. Cazenovia Public Library looks forward to the April 2024 solar eclipse News Channel 9 has published an additional special title Totality:The Great American Eclipse. This includes an interview by Ray Dague beginning at the twenty and half minute mark. Totality:The Great American Eclipse      

Mike holding a polished ring gear

Polishing, tuning and final assembly of my CGEM II

Following the dissassembly of my mount, the cleaning and reassembly went surprisingly smoothly. I spent most of my time sanding and polishing the ring bearings and the mount where they mated. You can see from this image of the cleaned up bearing that there was some rubbing on the bearing which was probably causing some of the stickiness. I thought it might have been from the clutch, but if that slips, it’s just a little bit from handling the mount. That mark went around the entire ring. There was marking inside the mound barrel as well. I started with around […]

Tools & Techniques of the Visual Astronomer

What accessories are the most useful for the visual astronomer? How do I get the most out of my equipment? How can I describe what I observe? Are you new to the hobby of astronomy, but still somewhat confused by the terminology? Our next presentation aims to clarify the sometimes confusing aspects of amateur astronomy Join us Monday, February 21st at 7PM for a presentation by SAS board members Raymond Dague, Anthony Krishock and Mike Fratto entitled “Tools & techniques of the visual astronomer”

SAS General Meeting

** SAS Members ** Our rescheduled monthly meeting will be held on Monday, 12/27 at 7:00 PM. We will have a talk given by SAS board member and experienced astrophotographer Bob Ostrander on techniques in astrophotography. Our meeting will be virtual only over ZOOM. The meeting link is: Meeting ID: 869 9041 3832 Passcode: 7032